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The First Name in a Connected World 

Since the inception of Telehouse, we have been recognised as the first name in the connected world being the pioneers of the first purpose-built carrier-neutral colocation data centre.

Telehouse hosts over 530 carriers, ISPs and ASPs in Europe alone, and are the ideal choice for companies that cannot compromise on latency.  Telehouse hosts and connects some of the world's leading financial institutions, trading exchanges, cloud providers, media broadcasters and content delivery providers.  

Telehouse can support you in delivering the ideal network solution for your business whether you are looking to interconnect your systems across various data centres locally or connect your application hub to international sites.
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IP Connectivity

IP Transit - The Flexible and Failsafe Route to the Internet

Telehouse provide two ranges for the IP Transit service; Server Socket and KEW Burstable 

ServerSocket (2-100Mb)

A fast, flexible and failsafe route to the internet with burst-to-port capability, multi-homed backed up by 4 major telecom providers offering Internet-optimised conditions for server hosting, including a multi-homing network and server load balancing.

Bandwidth services are offered ranging from 2 - 9Mb, 10Mb to 100Mb depending on client needs.

Features include direct connection to Tier 1 internet carriers, 24 x 7 Network Monitoring and 11 public IP addresses and firewall protection

KEW Burstable (100Mb - 1Gb)

  • 1 x 1Gbps port (Private AS available)
  • IP transit including low-latency Euro-Asia transit route
  • 8 x public IP addresses 
  • 1 x in-house cabling (singlemode fibre cable)
  • BGP connection 
  • 24/7 helpdesk and web traffic report  
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Intersite Connectivity

A Fully Connected Multi-Data Centre Campus

If you have points of presence in more than one Telehouse data centre, our wide choice of interlinks will enable you to treat your multiple sites as a single entity. 

The interlink connections are installed by Telehouse, providing one dedicated supplier that promises the shortest installation lead time and a low latency, resilient and environment with up to 1Gbps bandwidth.

With over 3000 major customers worldwide and an ever expanding portfolio of state-of-the-art colocation facilities, Telehouse is the ideal partner to help you build a secure network and enable you to reach your domestic and global customers.  Learn More
International Connectivity

Global Connectivity for Global Business

For more than 25 years Telehouse has become synonymous with delivering global internet infrastructure. By partnering with its parent company KDDI, Telehouse is able to provide a wide choice of global networks to support your business expand into connect you to the best connectivity partners.

Whether you are challenged by the level of bandwidth, security, privacy and locations you require, Telehouse can support you from our:

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Internet Exchanges

Home of the Internet

Telehouse hosts a number of key world internet exchanges making us one of the most comprehensive networks of connectivity points around the world. Over the years Telehouse has worked with its IXP partners to enable greater level of peering leading to more efficient routing for ISPs, latency sensitivity, more control over content and lower costs to end users.   

With long standing partnerships with key internet exchange points, Telehouse is well placed to help you connect to almost any carrier or ISP.  

Telehouse is the primary home of LINX, a network that effectively provides the backbone to the UK’s internet, and is one of the largest sites for internet traffic exchange in the world.


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