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Standards at Telehouse 

Telehouse has a proven record of achieving and maintaining standards that meet the needs of our customers business objectives. At the centre of this is an uncompromised commitment to dependability and reliability.  In fact, our proudest achievement is that as home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX), we’ve delivered un-interrupted, 100% uptime at the epicentre of Europe’s Internet infrastructure for over 20 years.

Our compliance frame work comprises a 360° programme covering quality, security, environmental and corporate responsibility standards. Using ISO, the world’s most recognised standards portfolio to drive a culture of excellence, we have created a roadmap of accreditations to deliver our customers a customised and up-to-date service based upon the challenges they face within their business.

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All our products and services are delivered using standards that meet our ISO 9001 accreditation. This is implemented using a bilateral process of defining customer requirements and ensuring that these are met by all Telehouse departments.

Customer Requirements
ISO 9001 requires a colocation provider to understand the needs of its customers in order to deliver a mutually beneficial standard of quality.
To ensure that this is fair and representative of both our customers and the industries we serve, Telehouse conduct an annual global survey to quantify and structure our quality aims.

On-going accountability
All Telehouse employees and suppliers are accountable to each agreed requirement and are required to deliver against related targets in a formal appraisal process. 
The Telehouse Quality Policy statement outlines in detail our commitments to our standard.

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Telehouse holds ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), an accreditation that addresses the business processes of the core areas of our business to ensure that our customers information is secure. This is built upon by a number of industry specific accreditations to ensure your infrastructure both secure and fit for purpose.
  The Telehouse Information Security and Business Continuity Policy statements outline in detail our commitment to our standard.


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Energy & Environmental
Telehouse values the world we live in and it's environment. To reduce our environmental impacts, Telehouse holds ISO standards 14001 (Environmental Management) and 50001 (Energy Management). 
These standards prove Telehouse is commitment to the environment by means of managing, measuring and improving our operating processes and procedures to ensure open and trusted communication of our environmental impacts. As a supplier of mission critical services, all achievements are communicated in a way that can be used by our customers in their own sustainability strategies.
The Telehouse Environmental Policy statements outline in detail our commitments to our standards.

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Health & Safety
Telehouse holds BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management), an accreditation that ensures our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, customer and visitors. Health & Safety is key to our business operations and considered at all levels from induction through to specific job roles and includes training at regular intervals.
  The Telehouse Occupational Health & Safety Policy statement outlines in detail our commitments to our standard.

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Corporate Social Responsibility
We are proud to facilitate the evolution of our customers businesses by providing expert ICT Infrastructures that allow them to focus on what they do best. However, outsourcing the management of your infrastructure does not remove the need to ensure that your infrastructure is implemented in a responsible manner.

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Telehouse is committed to delivering CSR initiatives that nurture and develop the IT industry and wider social community. In doing this, we do not just meet our requirements; but allow our customers to treat their outsourcing costs with the same scrutiny as they would any direct expenditure.

For more information on the CSR initiatives of both Telehouse and KDDI, please click below. 

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