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Maximum uptime, business continuity and security are top-of-mind for today’s IT companies and hosting providers. These mission-critical needs require an equally resilient and robust data centre solution with equally dynamic and accessible bandwidth connections.

For cloud providers performance and end user experience is also amongst the top priorities . Gartner estimates cloud providers can reduce network latency by up to 50% by shrinking the geographic distance between their platforms or application servers and their customers.

Telehouse provides access to more than 60% of global GDP through its 48 data centres. Fast, reliable interconnections reduce latency and maximise resilience for our cloud clients. Further our onsite technicians provide support 24/7/365 to ensure critical equipment is always running effectively.

“Telehouse emerged as the cost experienced, trustworthy partner offering the highest levels of reliability in the industry. The company’s facilities are world class, and the fact that Telehouse hosts all the major ISPs demonstrates its continued strength of service.”
Jordan Gross, Commercial Director of Ultraspeed

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