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Content and Media Providers

Media  and content providers rely  on access to scaleable bandwidth and infrastructure that delivers redundancy and accessibility to deliver the best user experience whilst maintaining uptime of their critical IT equipment. Telehouse delivers cost-effective solutions that extend your reach and accelerate web performance to both domestic and international markets.

Telehouse provides access to over 750 connectivity partners including CDNs, ISPs and cloud providers, as well all many of the worlds largest internet exchanges including LINX, DECIX, FRANCE-IX, NAPAfrica, JP-IX, NYIIX, LAIIX and LONAP.

These deep routed ecosystems enable clients to make rapid and convenient low latency connections to the widest range of business partners to create and develop revenue opportunities. Telehouse provides access to more than 60% of global GDP through its 48 data centres. Therefore leveraging the ecosystems and connectivity in these locations is becoming an essential part of an organisations integrated IT strategy.

“Telehouse’s ability to provide us with low latency connectivity has allowed us to enhance the gamer’s experience.”
CEO, Joymax

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