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Telehouse data centres provide the support you need for the  adoption of new IT service delivery models like virtualisation and cloud, and can accommodate your growing data volumes with scaleable solutions.

Telehouse has been pioneering data centre services for over 25 years, our expertise can not only provide cost reductions it allows you to focus on your core business safe in the knowledge your critical IT equipment is running at an optimised level.

Telehouse house some of the largest and most diverse ecosystems, meaning that cloud providers, big data aggregators, mobile operators and digital disruptors are only a cross connect away. This provides you the agility to connect to strategic business partners to increase efficient practices and reduce costs and to gain a competitive advantage or to generate new revenue streams.

“The technological upgrade was brilliant for Gradwell. We left the project in the hands of Telehouse and HP and were able to walk in on Monday morning operating at four times the capacity that we could on the previous Friday”
Ashley Taylor, Head of Technical Operations at Gradwell.

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