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Network Providers

Network Providers

The Telehouse central London campus alone provides direct access to over 530 connectivity partners, and more than 750 worldwide. Analyst firm 451 Research states “Telehouse certainly remains the centre of connectivity in the UK”.

These deep routed ecosystems enable clients to make rapid and convenient low latency connections to the widest range of business partners to create and develop revenue opportunities. Telehouse provides access to more than 60% of global GDP through its 48 data centres. Therefore leveraging the ecosystems and connectivity in these locations is becoming an essential part of an organisations integrated IT strategy.

Telehouse provides access to all the major ISP’s, a plethora of cloud, finance and enterprise customers, as well as many of the worlds largest internet exchanges including LINX, DECIX, FRANCE-IX, NAPAfrica, JP-IX, NYIIX, LAIIX and LONAP.

“Telehouse has been with us since the beginning. They are an integral part of our network hosting strategy and therefore core to our business and our success. Without partners like Telehouse we would not be able to provide our industry-leading service of high quality mobile services for our valued customers.”
Managing Director, Lebara Mobile

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