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    25 Years of Colocation Experience delivering 99.999% Uptime for over 3,000 Customers

  • Contact us for a quote

    Tel +44 (0) 207 512 0550

    25 Years of Colocation Experience delivering 99.999% Uptime for over 3,000 Customers

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Telehouse Colocation Services 

The decision to adopt, extend or renew a colocation strategy requires the highest levels of trust. Over 3,000 companies from start-ups to the largest multinationals choose Telehouse to protect their mission-critical ICT infrastructure.


  • Telehouse data centres are fully redundant (N+N) and offer uptime  SLA’s of 99.999%, providing peace of mind for our clients.
  • Telehouse is the only company in the UK that owns and operates an on-site private dual primary substation (N+N) connected at 132kV to supplier authority lines, ensuring 'future proof' power.


  • With more than 25 years of industry leading experience, Finance, Cloud, Enterprise and Telecomunnications providers choose Telehouse to help meet the challenges and opportunities facing their business, both today and in the future.

Global Reach

  • 48 globally connected data centres housing key internet hubs such as LINX, DE-CIX, NYIIX, LAIIX and JP-IX.


  • Flexible and scalable options, from suites with power from 2kW to 10kW per rack.
  • End-to-end managed data centre solution in integration with the whole ICT infrastructure.  
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Three main types of colocation are available at Telehouse depending on the space and privacy required:

Shared Facilities Management

A cost efficient option for companies who want the benefits of a purpose built colocation service but only require a small footprint and subsequent investment. Choosing SFM inside a Telehouse Data Centre provides customers with options of:
  • Single Full Rack Unit
  • Multiple Full Rack Unit

Dedicated Cages

If customers require extra security but do not need higher power options than what is provided as standard, clients can choose to house their cabinets inside a Telehouse cage. The caged environment benefits from the same climate control, power distribution and fire detection and suppression facilities as the racks outside the cage; with individual access control to provide increased security.

Dedicated Facilities Management

For companies that require increased security resilience, higher power options or both, a Telehouse Data Centre provides customers the choice to have their own dedicated suite in partitioned areas. With access control a standard dedicated suite of 18m² can hold up to 9 standard sized racks for customers; however if your company requires different specifications then we can provide a variety of alternative sizes to best match your needs.
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Choose from scalable power and cooling options to optimise performance and efficiency:


  • 2kw-10kw power available to rack.
  • Unique high density rack options available on request.
  • Redundancy up to N + N.
  • The world’s first primary substation available on site, delivering 50MVA and direct connectivity to the national grid.


  • Hot/Cold Aisle Containment available for standard or high density systems.
  • Environmentally efficient systems, with free winter cooling available.
  • Room Air Conditioning Units providing down-flow chilled water system.
  • N+2 redundancy.
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As home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) since 1994, Telehouse has grown with Europe’s Internet Infrastructure to provide the highest levels of connectivity:
  • Over 530 Carriers, ISPs and ASPs connected onsite, and more than 750 globally.
  • A and B meet me rooms available for fast, efficient connectivity.
  • 2Mb-1GB internet connections, based on customer requirements.
  • Managed cable, PBX, VLAN and fibre interlink services.  
  • Worldwide network services from KDDI.
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Managed Services
Maintaining reliability and performance requires extensive resource and expertise, often accounting for over 70% of an IT budget. Achieving reductions in the cost of infrastructure management, whilst retaining the highest levels of performance represents a significant opportunity by reallocating budget and delivering more to your business.

Telehouse utilise our in house engineering expertise to offer a full range of managed services to achieve sustained high levels of performance and reliability, allowing you to focus your resources on what you do best.

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