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Managed Cabling Service

Telehouse’s onsite cabling engineers are able to install any type of in-house communication cabling that our customers request. Our flexibility and dedication allow us to design and implement full cabling solutions for our clients inside both shared and dedicated rack spaces. We install a variety of Copper and Optical Fibre types for our clients to choose from, these include:
  • 3002 coax (AKA T1/E1/2Mbps/75 Ohm) 
  • 2003 coax (AKA T3/E3/DS3/34Mbps/45Mbps)
  • RA7000 coax
  • CAT5e UTP RJ45
  • CAT6 UTP
  • Beldon 9508 X.21
  • Multimode Fibre (62.5/125 or 50/125 micron)
  • Singlemode Fibre (9/125 micron or circuit types STM1/STM4/STM16)