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Disaster Recovery Services

As a crucial element to any ICT infrastructure, Disaster Recovery forms a key part of the Telehouse service portfolio. This is operated on both a physical and virtual level in all our London Data Centre facilities, to reflect the changing technologies and systems requirements in the industry and the existing and future requirements of our clients. In 2013 we launched our unique Virtual Disaster Recovery and Protection (DPR) solution, which delivers increased performance and dramatic cost savings.

Physical Disaster Recovery Services

Tape and Disk backup operations can be operated remotely to a Telehouse London Data centre. Backup schedules can be devised to meet customer needs, with 24/7/365 coverage given by our expert engineers. Telehouse backup services support all vendor products; allowing you to ensure maximum efficiency and control over the disaster recovery of your mission critical data.
All hardware can be stored either in our high security external facilities or transported direct to a nominated location to minimise backup delivery window.

Telecloud Virtual Disaster Recovery Services

Although Disk backup offers more sophisticated and efficient recovery for mission critical data, the process of physical backup is still prohibitive to truly effective disaster recovery as snapshots and recovery windows are both limited to physical processes. This is a result of the fact that disaster recovery technologies haven’t undergone a major change in over twenty years.  As with other areas of an ICT infrastructure however, the introduction of virtual technologies provides the opportunity to dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of disaster recovery practises.
Telecloud Virtual Disaster Recovery removes the physical element of backup, consolidating all backup processes into a single virtual system. With Duplicated ‘copy’ data, proliferated by traditional approaches accounting for 85% of hardware costs; the speed, consolidation and simplicity of DPR offers a number of benefits:
  • Real- time monitoring, with backup recovery time measured in seconds.
  • Reduced backup footprint of up to 90%.
  • Application level SLA’s
  • Freedom from Vendor Lock-in.
  • Up to 70% less bandwidth usage.