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Content Delivery Management

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  • Web Performance
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Global CDN

Global Content Delivery Network 

With expertise and infrastructure globally, including China, Russia and other emerging economies, CDNetworks helps customers break down barriers to new markets throughout the world.
CDNetworks is the only multinational content delivery network with local expertise and infrastructure on six continents, including China. We have operated our global cloud of distributed servers for over twelve years and faithfully deliver massive amounts of traffic for over 40,000 websites everyday.  We can reach over 99% of the world within a few milliseconds, and we continue to push into the most distant emerging market.
Need to reach global end-users in China, Russia, India, Brazil, the Middle East, US and EMEA?
CDNetworks now have 200 PoPs in 100 cities 
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Web Performance

The Fastest Web Performance Platform on the Planet

Designed to serve end users across the extended enterprise and around the globe, our Web Performance Suite integrates a full range of web performance tools to accelerate web content delivery and application performance. Because every feature and function within the suite was developed to work together seamlessly, performance optimization occurs automatically at every level, making CDNetworks the fastest content delivery platform on the planet.
Take Advantage of a Solid Foundation
We underpin our Web Performance Suite with all the infrastructure components necessary for both maximizing performance and ensuring resiliency and scalability. These include cloud DNS, cloud load balancer, and cloud storage services as well as a portal providing insight into real-time and historic intelligence.
Features and Benefits 
The Web Performance Suite Difference
  • Tap into true global reach. With POPs located across 6 continents, CDNetworks provides local expertise and infrastructure in the regions we serve to ensure the best performance in speed, reliability and secuirty.
  • Simplify worldwide expansion. Our in-country expertise and services in China, Russia, and South America combined with our six-continent footprint, enable our customers to navigate the most challenging regions of the Internet.
  • Elevate your capabilities at lower cost. Web Performance Suite provides substantial savings over the total cost of ownership of in-house provisioning of infrastructure and services.
  • Deliver with confidence. Offload full responsibility of web performance management and uptime of web-based applications and content to CDNetworks, backed by a 100% uptime guarantee.
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Cloud Load Balancer

Control Your Content Delivery

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are designed and built to optimally deliver different kinds of content to end users around the world. But traditional CDNs lack the flexibility to apply real-time traffic management policies dictated by the business and operational needs of the content owners.
CDNetworks offers a cloud load balancer service that provides you the flexibility to manage your content delivery strategy. It allows you to specify content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and user targets. This empowers you to react to market-specific conditions while never compromising on availability, application performance and operational efficiency.
Apply Traffic Management Policies in Real Time
Our DNS cloud load balancer is underpinned by a policy-based engine that allows you to specify business and technical rules for your content delivery. The rules are applied in real time and determine the content delivery strategy to be applied to users. Typical rules include using a single CDN, using multiple CDNs, or combining CDNs, Clouds origin servers. For instance, one rule could specify that all US-based users be served from your origin server while everyone else is directed to CDNetworks CDN. Another rule could specify that 60% of your traffic is sent to one cloud provider while 40% is sent to another cloud provider. Yet another rule could specify that all dynamic traffic and traffic to all users in China is handled by CDNetworks.
Traffic Management, Control & Distribution
  • On-demand Traffic Management. Take advantage of near real-time propagation and application of policies to instantly react to market demands.
  • Geo-based Traffic Control. Route traffic based on user's geo-location for better performance and tighter cost control.
  • Flexible Traffic Distribution. Determine how traffic will be distributed and delivered, enabling optimal balance of costs and performance, and better operational efficiency.
  • Automatic Failover. Ensure higher availability and redundancy, reducing costly outages.
  • Blacklisting. Deny access to certain users based on business (for example, cost) or technical (for example, security) reasons.
  • Completely Outsourced Solution. Reduce IT investment by avoiding the need to deploy and maintain complex load-balancing network and systems.
  • Advanced Control and Reporting. Access a web-based portal for easy DNS administration, and near real-time reporting for unparalleled views into your DNS traffic. 
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