Telehouse - System Integration

Integrated Communications

  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Multiple Network Technology
  • Customised Helpdesk
Project Management

Project Management

In order to build and migrate/establish a complex infrastructure the end to end process needs to be fully project managed.  Telehouse and KDDI have in-house as well as expert third party consultants to support in delivering a fit for purpose infrastructure, with the following project management deliverables:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Implementation Management
  • Project time and quality Control
  • Migration Management
  • Client 3rd Party co-ordination
  • Project Life cycle ownership
  • Management Reporting
  • Migrate from build to operation
  • Systems Consultancy

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Software Development

Software Development 

Bespoke and innovative applications designed and built using industry standard tools, to provide innovative solutions for client platforms, databases, and customer portals.  

Uncover intelligence from the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting silos of data created by both people and machine-to-machine (M2M) systems. Our sofwtare developement partners can support you by developing a solution that offers an integrated M2M platform, connectivity, and analysis – everything you need to interconnect people, systems, and machines no matter where they are. 

We believe in using only the best of software technologies and practices for our clients across a broad base of industries. We provide services and solutions that incorporate the industry's best products, tools, and methodologies to maximize the return on your IT investments. Our partnerships enable custom designed and built sound software to build robust, reliable and cost effective solutions.
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Multiple Network Technology

Multiple Network Technology

A customised interconnection platform is only as good as the connectivity available to it.  By housing your M2M platform in Telehouse you have access to the widest number of carriers and a network of reliable facilities allowing ultra-latency between themselves enabling a highly resilient disaster recovery site.  

By providing direct cable connect, MPLS, Internet,  private circuits, bespoke security solutions in the DC, Telehouse have the capability to develop your platform into hgihly connected hub for data routing. 

We can deliver a private network direct to end customers’ businesses and employing encryption and secure authentication.

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Customised Helpdesk

Customised Helpdesk and Provisioning

Our Help Desk service provides you with a single point of contact that is geographic and platform-independent.  It is a 24 x 7 operation optimized for supporting end-users.  Through this Help Desk, the issues reported will be registered, acknowledged, validated, investigated and resolved.  End-users can track their requests on-line and are informed of associated status.  It helps reduce service disruptions and improve user satisfaction.  Customer can avoid having to make major investment in building its own support resources to cope with end-user needs.
Through our remote diagnosis and monitoring mechanism, any potential failure can be detected and resolved at the early stage promptly. The help desk service team can help you to resolve the incident on-site or remotely. You are assured with reactive resolution with our remote technical support while enjoying minimal disruption to your business operation.
  • 24 x 7 Operations
  • Single Point of Contact for customers
  • Facilitate Problem Resolution
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Specialised helpdesk provisioning can be arranged for client's platforms which include:
Customised helpdesk can be arranged for client's platform provisioning:
  • IP allocation to SIM
  • End customer connectivity
  • Security support
  • MNO interface troubleshooting

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