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International Connectivity

Working in conjunction with our parent company KDDI, Telehouse is able to provide a Network Service already in place that will support our customers' requirements as they look to expand their business on a global scale.

Global Powered Ethernet Network 

This is the world’s first pure L2 switch Ethernet network with redundancy. It utilises a quadruple backup configuration based on link aggregation, using undersea cables with ring protection via completely different routes. The high degree of flexibility in design allows you to use protocols other than IP and to set free dynamic routing in order to ensure redundancy and load distribution.

Number 1 in Japan, now available internationally 


When it comes to broadband requirements, KDDI delivers a low-cost, highly flexible, high-speed Ethernet service. Further cost savings are realized when compared with the price of network equipment required for conventional leased circuits.


KDDI Advantages 


A true network-structure Ethernet service using world-first external Layer 2 switches (redundancy)

Quadruple backup configuration based on link aggregation that uses undersea cables with ring protection in completely different routes





- Multi-protocol compatibility that allows freedom of design and usage of protocols other than IP.

- Customer VLAN support enabled by the introduction of 802.1q. Supports overlapping LAN addresses

- "Redundancy/load distribution" can be set for free dynamic routing

- Inexpensive equipment can be used with Ethernet interface.


It employs the first technology of its kind in the world ― Pure L2 switch Ethernet network

This is the world's first pure L2 switch Ethernet network with redundancy. It utilizes a quadruple backup configuration based on link aggregation using undersea cables with ring protection in completely different routes.The high degree of flexibility in design allows you to use protocols other than IP and to set free dynamic routing in order to ensure redundancy and load distribution.



A wide bandwidth from 1 to 100Mbps is offered at a low price

Because this service uses a Layer 2 switch-type network, selection of bandwidth is flexible, ranging from low speed items of 1-9 Mbps (in 1 Mbps increments) to broadband items of 10-100 Mbps. Also, its network configuration allows low-cost communication development between locations as compared to point-to-point dedicated lines.

A simple pricing system eliminates worries regarding connections with domestic networks bandwidth from 1 to 100Mbps is offered at a low price

Price is calculated based on (1) international line usage charge, (2) overseas local line usage charge, and (3) overseas equipment usage charge, each predetermined by the communication speed. Gateway charges etc. related to domestic connections are not incurred.

No network bottleneck due to an exclusive bandwidth

An exclusive bandwidth of access lines has been secured. There are no connection bottlenecks between domestic and other overseas networks.

Cross-border integrated monitoring system

KDDI is knowledgeable and experienced as a longstanding international service provider. By strengthening our partnership with overseas carriers, KDDI offers one-stop service tailored specifically for our customers.

Benefits to the Customers

- Reduce total cost of ownership 

- Strengthen reliability of network infrastructure 

- Improve network operating efficiency

- Build the optimal network environment

Global IP-VPN


We offer a full scale end-to-end international IP-VPN service which enables customers with overseas subsidiaries to easily build full-mesh global networks simply by accessing the highly secure KDDI Global IP-VPN network.


Telehouse and KDDI can meet your global communication requirements. By using the Global IP-VPN service provided by KDDI Europe you can fully interconnect your business whether your employees are located globally, nationally or locally. The KDDI IP-VPN solution is cost effective as it avoids the multiple private circuits needed to build a private network and is available at all Telehouse London Data Centres.

Service Benefits


A One-stop shop for connectivity to the world

A single order to KDDI Europe will give you access to over 50 countries worldwide supported by global and local account management services. Your network will be supported end to end 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you will always experience a premier service.

Security and Reliability

Our network uses multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to categorise and prioritise your data to ensure that you experience high speed and high quality data communications. Security is assured as by using MPLS, KDDI can ensure that information can only be shared only amongst your closed user group.


KDDI's Global Network uses multiple cable routes and restoration functions ensuring redundancy against any kind of outage.


Global Leased Circuit 

Connecting your sites nationally and internationally using leased circuit from KDDI could be more cost effective than using the public network as you simply pay for the line itself regardless of the level of usage. Our leased line options offer a high quality service and are backed by the KDDI group of companies and affiliates worldwide, including Telehouse and our global sister companies. The backbone of the KDDI network is constructed from state of the art fibre optic cable and is highly reliable.


The KDDI Global footprint also ensures that global and local support is available when needed, ensuring that we can easily and efficiently cater for your network requirements as you grow internationally.

Service Availability - End to End


USA, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Canada.


UK, Belgium, Israel, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland.


Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea (Rep. of).

Service Availability - Bilateral Type


USA, Chile, Alaska, Hawaii, Argentina, Brazil.


UK, Czech, Israel, Norway, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Sweden, France, Finland, Monaco.


Japan, Guam, Korea (Rep. of), Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Qatar, Thailand, Bahrain, India, New Zealand, Saipan, UAE, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam.


South Africa