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System Integration

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    Virtual Data Centres for Migrating Safely into the Cloud

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    Integrated Comm Solutions for building Customised Network Hubs

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    Content Delivery Solutions enabling the management of Big Data

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    System Security Solutions enabling the Empowerment of Mobility

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Taking Data Centres Beyond 

For over 25 years Telehouse has led the colocation industry through introducing new markets, pioneering technology and green initiatives. Now in partnership with its parent company KDDI, Telehouse is able to take the data centre to the next level of evolution, with a greater role within the ICT infrastructure.
KDDI draws on its extensive staff experience to enable you to anticipate and effectively deal with local circumstances and business practices whenever overseas branches are launched to expand your business. By providing a single customised solution package – from the installation of the office environment such as PBX, LAN and PCs, to the provision of ICT consulting, ERP solutions, security measures and ICT outsourcing. KDDI branches across the world offer end-to-end solutions from management and arrangement with local vendors to interconnection and testing.
KDDI and Telehouse are entrusted by some of the world’s largest organisations to host, migrate, connect, deliver and secure their mission critical applications. That is why Telehouse and KDDI have continued over the past two decades to develop services which strengthen that trust. 

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Virtualisation and Cloud Services  

Data Migration

Whilst security, performance and business integration continues to be major obstacles to cloud adoption, Telehouse is well positioned as a traditional on-premises data centre provider with 25 years of experience in hosting physical servers; our virtual infrastructure hosts the cloud servers in those same facilities. Designating, locating and sending data is completely in the hands of the customer mitigating the uncertainty about the whereabouts of your virtual servers.  KDDI and Telehouse have teamed up to launch their own virtual data centre service enabling clients to migrate to the cloud securely and successfully.
Enjoy the benefits of migrating to a virtual infrastructure knowing your mission-critical systems are in safe experienced hands:   
  • Fewer servers required to run your IT infrastructure, less hard disk to store your data and less redundant network to pay for
  • Reduced physical infrastructure means dramatically reduced data centre footprint, power and cooling demands, security attacks and risks of failure
  • With access to unlimited resources and much speedier delivery times, your ICT infrastructure can be scaled up and down within minutes, no need to engineer for peak loads
  • A virtual infrastructure by its very nature becomes mobile, enabling users to migrate their IT environment with no interruption eliminating planned downtime
  • Pay per use model results in little or no capital expenditure in deploying a high performance ICT infrastructure  
  • Backing up your data centre or virtual infrastructure is easier and inexpensive, improving business continuity and disaster recovery

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ICT Centre

Enabling Innovation      

The mission of the Telehouse and KDDI partnership is to enable our clients to employ the data centre as a key managed hub within their ICT infrastructure. With the growing level of dependence on the location, security, mobility and delivery of data, businesses today need a data centre that is not only built to handle mission-critical systems but also play a greater role in enabling their IT department to innovate and grow their business.  
Telehouse and KDDI see four major technology trends driving organisations to adopt a more integrated data centre strategy:
·         Cloud Computing
·         Machine-to-machine technology
·         Big Data Delivery
·         Enterprise Mobility
The partnership between a leading data centre provider and a major telecommunications operator culminated in the introduction of a diverse portfolio of services designed to enable our clients with the technology to evolve their IT infrastructure.  These system integration services can be grouped under four key solutions:    
·         Virtualisation
·         Integrated Communications
·         Content Delivery
·         System Security  

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Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications

Data Connectivity

Governments around the world have set targets to have smart meters in homes and businesses by 2020. Key to this is the use of M2M technology as the meters will communicate with a central data centre, which then sends messages to the utility companies, which will alert the user about their energy usage.  But not only is the utility industry reaping the benefits of M2M technology, otherwise known as the ‘Internet of Things’ is being rapidly deployed by the retail, transport, POS, construction and insurance industries.
Telehouse host a vast array of clients who manage critical data that require access to a large number of carriers, exchanges and other businesses from within the data centre.  Telehouse and KDDI provide the following services to support our clients in building and operating interconnection platforms:  

  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Multiple Network Technology
  • Customised Helpdesk and Provisioning

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Content Management

Content Delivery Management 

Data Delivery

In 2012, LINX doubled its bandwidth in Telehouse to 9.6TB/s and in 2013, deployed the first 100GE switches in Telehouse West.  The volume of data is increasing exponentially and it is the role of key internet hosting partners like Telehouse to ensure the technology and network in place is resilient enough to cope with the unpredictable.    
The volume, variety and velocity of data have become key challenges to IT management around the world. The management of data loads stored on servers, the optimised delivery of rich content on websites and the speed of company applications are key solutions KDDI can support through its Content Delivery subsidiary CD Networks.  
A CDN is a way to deliver content more efficiently by placing copies of data on many servers and responding to requests from the server nearest to the user. 
In a matter of minutes you could be up and running on our CDN, your content cached on servers spread over our Telehouse data centres, on many continents, bringing it into closer geographical proximity to your customers. Ensuring your users experience greater overall performance and uninterrupted usability.
Our services include:
  • Global CD Networks
  • Web Performance Acceleration
  • Server Load Balancing 

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System Security

System Security Services 

Data Security

Recent research indicates that a vast majority of companies desire to create a more flexible work environment as the primary goal behind implementing a unified solution. This works hand in hand with the rapid growth of mobile devices penetrating the enterprise environment whether company- or employee-owned. 
Companies will begin to analyse how mobile technology can generate business value for their
organization and view investment and project decisions from the perspective of how users (customers and employees) will interact with mobile devices. They will begin to build out a total cost of ownership (TCO) model and a governance framework around the BYOD model and the associated privacy, regulations and legal issues. By focusing on key security components challenging the deployment of device mobility, IT can spark the transition from simply enabled to truly empowered.
The need for security countermeasures such as corporate governance, J-SOX and information leak prevention are increasing more than ever. “Security Solution” enables our customers to solve their security problems by taking advantage of our know-how. KDDI will protect your ICT platform from several threats and minimise risks.
Using KDDI’s internet security services, a highly secure network connected to our data centre is enabled:
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System
  • Managed SSL/VPN Service

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